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HOLLY WILLIAMS is a singer/songwriter who lives with her artist/musician husband Chris Coleman, daughters Stella June and Lillie Mae, and puppy Oliver in Nashville, Tennessee. She has released three critically-acclaimed albums, and also owns two of Nashville’s best retail spots: H. Audrey and White’s Mercantile. Both stores show off her “exquisite taste”, as described by gal-pal and shopper Gwyneth Paltrow. One, H.Audrey, is arguably Nashville’s most beloved women’s clothing boutique, and the other, White’s Mercantile, is a completely curated shop stocked with Holly’s favorite items that she’s found while spending much of her life on the highway playing music to adoring fans. She describes White’s as a “general store for the modern-day tastemaker”. She may be from a famous family–country legend Hank Williams Jr. is her father–but don’t expect rhinestones and cowboy hats. Holly’s style embodies a modern-day chic simplicity fitted for shoppers around the globe.

"Coming from a family of so many creative talents is a reminder for me to always stay true to my artistic vision–whether that comes in the form of a new album, a retail venture, an unfamiliar instrument, or a fresh take on really good roasted chicken..."

Her retail beginnings were never planned, as music was always her focus, but in March 2006, Holly and her sister Hilary were in a serious car accident. Holly was left uncertain if she would ever be able to play guitar again, and Hilary faced over 30 surgeries throughout the next years of her life. It’s truly a miracle they both survived.

“I couldn’t leave Nashville and had to resort to a backup plan, in case I wasn’t able to tour again,” the now-33-year-old musician says. Prior to the accident, Holly had toured the US and Europe extensively, and along the way, discovered many different designers that she fell in love with. The life-changing event led Holly to open H. Audrey (aptly named after her first initial and middle name Audrey, Holly’s paternal grandmother). Clients like Sheryl Crow, Gwyneth Paltrow, Martina McBride, Taylor Swift, Nicole Kidman, Faith Hill and even Robert Plant have come in to buy the latest trends from lines such as Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone, IRO, Golden Goose, and more.

Naturally, Holly was itching for another retail project, so she opened the doors of White’s Mercantile in December 2013. She named the store after her maternal grandparents and drew inspiration from the mercantile that her great-grandfather once owned in the small town of Mer Rouge, Louisiana. Holly always dreamed of creating a one-stop shop. USA Today writer Stacie Standifer remarks, “Time is our most valuable commodity, and [Holly] has created a locale that not only saves precious moments of ‘in and out’, but a concept that will likely bring national attention to the smart, trendy 12 South neighborhood where she lives. Her impeccable, modern taste is always on point.”

"He not busy being born is busy dying"–Bob Dylan. This is my motto. I thrive off of having my hands in multiple creative projects and staying busy. It keeps me finding inspiration on a daily basis, and makes the still moments with family that much more special."



“I believe in quality over quantity in everything. I believe in investing in things that you will love and cherish for years to come, instead of mindlessly dropping money on things that will not keep relevant through the seasons and time and changes in your life”, Holly says. This is her philosophy with both of her stores. There will be plenty more to come from Holly and White’s Mercantile!


ON HER INSPIRATION AND VISION for White’s Mercantile, Holly says:

Most of us are extremely busy these days and it’s hard to drive all over town to multiple places to get everything on your list. I wanted to create a store that has something for everyone and covers all of your gift needs in one shopping trip, with a few things thrown in for you, of course! This shop is named after my maternal grandparents. They had an amazing sense of style and appreciated good craftsmanship. I picked out everything my Granny would love for the kitchen section, and my Papaw would have appreciated the waxed cotton lunch bags from Peg & Awl instead of the paper ones he used everyday. They are always in the back of my mind when I’m buying. If only they were here to see it…

  • NFOCUS magazine describes White’s as “a hip new twist on the age-old general store”.
  • THE NEW YORK TIMES said that White’s Mercantile was an essential stop on their 36-hour visit to Nashville.
  • Writer Wesley Gallagher adds, “In the home section at the front, you might find a pair of Rag & Bone boots, some locally made Turkish-T towels, or a beautiful Woolrich weekender bag. There is a clothing rack and a baby section, as well as a hefty supply of beard and men’s apothecary necessities. The back room is the photography and kitchen section, where you can grab a signed Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook and a finger-painted cowboy figure drawn by Holly’s husband, who dabbles in art when he isn’t on tour with the Kings Of Leon. You’ll also find John Derian decoupage, dinnerware, and local pancake mix and grits. Oh, and there’s a dog section, where your furry friend can get his name emblazoned on a Harry Barker leash when he visits the store, which he is welcome to do. They even give out free doggy treats. You might see a pop-up shop of a local jeweler or of a farmer selling vegetables. A few times a week, you might even be greeted by a popular food truck in their parking lot. We might just move in. So next time you’re in the area and in need of, well, anything, step on into White’s Mercantile and grab yourself some goods.”
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